Long Island Criminal Lawyer – Miranda Changes Explained

I am often asked during the course of my Long Island Criminal Law
practice what should clients do when they are being questioned by the
police. My advice to those clients has always been quite simply “shut
up”. When given your Miranda warnings and you are told that you have the
right to remain silent, BELIEVE IT AND DO IT. Silence was golden.
However, in light of the recent Supreme Court case known as Berghuis v.
Thompkins, that advice has to change somewhat.
The Supreme Court on
June 1, 2010, ruled that a defendant who had been given his Miranda
warnings, but had not specifically asked for an attorney, and had not
specifically declined to answer questions, HAS WAIVED HIS RIGHT TO
REMAIN SILENT. The defendant was continually questioned for three hours
ultimately contributed to his conviction for homicide.
The Supreme
Court ruled that his failure to affirmatively exercise his Miranda
warnings and request a lawyer, DID NOT OFFER HIM ANY PROTECTION FROM THE
USE OF STATEMENTS MADE BY HIM. So now, in light of this decision, I
have to change my advice and my advice is now this: After you hear the
ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS. THEN SHUT UP! So really what you have to do is
make your position known and then be quiet. Once you have made your
position on questioning and the presence of a lawyer is made known, the
advice I give to a great many of my clients, that EVEN A FISH WOULDN’T

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Three Things to Ask a Prospective Criminal Attorney

You’ve been arrested and are now facing serious felony criminal
charges. You’ve never been in trouble (or maybe you have) and you don’t
know what to do, but you know you hadn’t planned on being in jail this
Christmas. You know you need an attorney, but you don’t have any friends
or family that practice law and don’t know who to call. Regardless of
who you end up hiring, there are several basic questions that need to be
asked any attorney you interview to represent you.

1. Do you handle criminal law?

In days gone
by, many attorneys were “general practice” attorneys who you could call
if you were arrested, needed a divorce, wanted a Last Will and
Testament, or were injured in a car wreck. As the law has evolved and
become more complicated, it is now more common for attorneys and law
firms to focus on one or two areas of law. Many attorneys don’t
represent criminal defendants, or don’t handle criminal cases as a
regular part of their practice. Therefore, before you make a final
decision on an attorney you should probably ask them if they handle
criminal cases as a significant portion of their law practice.

Courses To Become A Lawyer

No civil society can exist without the formulation of and adherence to a certain laws. The citizens of the society are obligated to abide by the laws for peaceful co-existence. However, there are numerous cases when these laws are flouted for various reasons. On such occasions, it is the legal system that comes into play and ensures justice. Lawyers and judiciary are the two main parts of the legal system. If the legal system fascinates you and you want to make a career in it, you have to pursue specialized study. To become a lawyer, one has to take up law courses that train its students in becoming sharp lawyers to defend the legal system.

A lawyer must have integrated knowledge about political science, history, philosophy, economics and literature. The law courses are so designed that they develop sharp analytical ability and research skills besides legal writing, decision-making and public speaking skills in students. The curriculum of the course is designed in a manner to enhance and inculcate these skills in the students. After the completion of the course, a law graduate is skilled in these aspects. But, the success of a lawyer also depends on factors other than just the course that he/she has pursued

For those students who aspire to become practicing lawyers, they should know about the law courses that they can pursue at colleges in India and abroad. After 12th class, students can opt for BA LL.B (Hons) course. It is a five year degree programme. The course is offered by national law schools and universities. However, it is not offered by all law colleges in India. There is a common entrance exam that one has to clear to get admission in this course. The exam is Common Law Admission Test or CLAT. On clearing this exam, students are eligible for admission into seven law schools that offer BA LL.B.

Global Visas Complaints Immigration Fraud Is Escalating Day By Day

Immigration Fraud is escalating day by day. Millions of people are becoming the victim of this illegal activity. Governments of many countries are constrained to stop this. Now it is very clear that we have to do something to remove this black spot from our world. Just come a step forward and do complaints of illegal immigration and the fake consultant. This is not enough to stop this you also have to save yourself from fraud consultant.

Follow these steps to secure yourself from the fraud.

(1) This is the foremost point that you have to keep in your mind. Don’t blindly assume the person you hired, even if they speak your language, is truly on your side. He may have been born in your country, yet he might not really care if you become a permanent resident. Sadly, many people who commit fraud will count on the immigrant’s feelings of friendship.

Injury Lawyer Why Do You Need One

Major injuries can be traumatic, leading to painful recovery, loss of work and other consequences. These effects are difficult to deal with no matter the cause but can be even more difficult to accept when they were not just the result of personal inattention but were the result of another’s negligence or malpractice. The responsible party could be an individual, company, government agency, or other entity such as a hospital.

The defining criteria of personal damage are that there must be real damages that must have been completely caused by someone else. A mistake during a medical treatment, a faulty vehicle repair or a bite from an unrestrained dog for example.

When this is the case, victims are likely to seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer, who handles cases including civil wrongs and economic or non-economic damages to a person’s property, reputation, or rights. Although these attorneys are licensed to practice any area of law, they usually focus their practice on cases that fall under this definition, otherwise known as tort law.

Richmond Criminal Lawyer Picking Up The Right One

It is vital for you to select the right Richmond criminal lawyer for your case.

At the time an individual or business company is charged with criminal activity then it is the right time to get professional guidance from expert criminal lawyer. Are you in search of one? if yes is that you replied, then it is very important for you to follow some essentials that will help you the right way to look for the best lawyer for your case.


Car Accident Aftermath Economic Costs And Legal Consequences

The US Department of Transportation said that car accident is one of the leading preventable causes of death in the country, killing at least 43,000 people every year.

With the seriousness of car accident aftermath, many studies have focused in finding the causes and trends about this preventable accident.

Some remarkable findings about car accidents conducted by the Fatality Analysis Reporting System in 2007: